New Tikka T3 Stock Line Sneak Peek!!!

Hey Tikka Shooters,

The Tikka Performance Center is proud to announce a major product release. Something everyone wants for their Tikka rifle, a great looking stock that will let their Tikka rifle LOOK as good as it SHOOTS! Now, you don’t need to spend big bucks on a replacement stock for the functional but UGLY factory piece.

Our new stocks are made by our manufacturing division, Mountain Tactical, and will be available in 3 models to start (with more designs on the way). For the person who likes tradition and values good looks combined with time proven design, we offer the American Hunter model.

This will be a classic American hunting stock, with a 1” Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. The stock features a raised cheek piece for a rock solid cheek weld, and a beautiful Fleur-de-Lis style wrap around checkering pattern for great grip and great style (available on solid walnut stocks). It will be available in solid walnut with ebony forend and grip caps, or in laminated colors with a modern checkering pattern.

Our next offering is the Thumbhole Sporter, which comes in laminated colors. This stock will keep your rifle light in weight, but with the solid hold that a thumbhole affords. Like all of our stocks, it will come with a hand fit, 1” Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad

Last but not least, our next model is the Thumbhole Tactical. This baby is the style that our customers have asked for most, and now they will get it!

In the proven thumbhole style, we have widened the forend to allow the stock to ride the bags perfectly and ventilated the forend, for extra barrel cooling on those hot and heavy tactical competitions and varmint hunts. This stock will come in laminated colors, and of course it will have the 1” Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. 

Photos and prices will be on our website as soon as they are ready for pre-order!

We also have a real treat for the Tikka shooters out there who want to replace their plastic factory bolt shroud. We have designed our own anodized aluminum bolt shroud, and are making it right here in the USA.  These will be in stock in a short period of time, and will be ready to ship when you see them on the website. Along with our Performance and Elite Picatinny rails, recoil lugs, and stocks, we are proud to say “Made in the USA”.

Tikka Performance will continue to come up with innovative products for the Tikka rifle fan, to increase your shooting pleasure!

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  1. i love it, looks great, however you need to get a new shooter for your videos he has the biggest flinch i have ever seen and makes the rifle look like a mule kicking him, i think if you had an experienced shooter shoot it you may have more people interested



    1. Ouch Harley,

      Did I look that bad?  I have to admit that I was rushing some shots to try and get video before a storm hit.

      I’ll make sure we get an actor with some talent in next time 😉

  2. These new stocks are looking good. Just what is needed. Now we can finally take a great gun and make it pretty……now, let's talk Berreta into importing all the fine calibers tht are really available . Great job guys. I am a Designer in the fishing industry, folks sometimes don't always understand how hard somthing like this is……..I want one, when are they available . And THANKS

  3. Hi Gents;

    I presently have a T3 Lite in 260 Rem with Leupold bases and low rings on it.  I am having a problem when I mount the gun with the fact that my eye does not come up to the center of the scope ( a problem I have with all of the guns that I own).  I am wondering if you have or could recommend an after market cheek rest for my problem.  I worry about the hollow stock not being able to support the tightening screws of say a Matthews Fabrication cheek rest.  Would pieces of pipe inserted into the stock be an appropriate solution?

    Your new thumbhole stocks sound fine but I must admit that I am not a big fan of the cooling slots in the forend of any stock, do any of these stocks have adjustable cheek rests built in?

    I was through Boseman two years ago and am sorrow that I was not aware of your existance at that time.  I know of three other Tika shooters in the club and all os us love our guns.  You have to do more to get the word out about our web site.


  4. Hi Jason, I just love my Tikka T3 Vintage hunter stock and your bolt shroud!..I look forward to getting another one for sure, job well done! This stock feels great and turns some heads out at the range.

    Lou DiGirolamo