About Us

One would hardly expect to find the world’s largest supplier of Tikka Rifle-related accessories and after-market products nestled in Montana’s Gallatin Valley, but Bozeman, Montana is home to Mountain Tactical/Tikka Performance Center. This is a perfect fit for a company founded on a love for sportsmanship.

Montana Winter The company was born out of a passion for riflery and an appreciation for Tikka guns which are gaining popularity in the U.S. while being recognized all over the world for their affordability and accuracy right out of the box. When Jason McHann (President and CEO) sought upgrades for his own rifle, he uncovered the need for a one-stop-shopping site for all things Tikka so that enthusiasts could easily acquire accessories for their rifles without having to do a lot of legwork. This led to a gathering of manufacturers and distribution companies—an aggregate of Tikka accessories producers–in order to provide rifle enhancements to hunters and shooters who prefer the Tikka brand. Eventually, Jason and Greg Beierwates (co-founder and Sales/Marketing Manager) began envisioning new ideas and innovations for accessories to add to their offering of Tikka products and they began to manufacture these accessories which they now offer along with their other inventory. This gives customers even more options for enhancing their weapons.

Perhaps the greatest service rendered by Mountain Tactical/Tikka Performance Center is the provision of a place to gather and exchange information about Tikka-specific issues. From rifle repair to gear installation tips, we value our customers and seek to foster an environment where we all can learn, grow, and have fun doing so!



Greg Beierwaltes ~Sales/Marketing Specialist

2013-12-19 04.25.59 Greg was born in Illinois, and he got his first air rifle at 6, and his first 22 at 8. His father was cool enough to see that he was crazy about shooting, and mounted a steel bullet trap in the basement under the stairs. He also bought him all the 22 shorts that he wanted to shoot for practice. Thousands of rounds of daily shooting cemented his skill and passion at a very young age, which has continued to this day. Greg has used all types of rifles and shotguns, and has hunted and shot for years. He has dabbled in Bullseye, High Power, informal benchrest, and long range pistol competitions, along with a lot of casual shooting among friends, what he calls, “his kind of golf”.  When he isn’t working or shooting, Greg is also crazy about skiing, hiking, and getting skunked on the Yellowstone River.

Greg is cofounder of and the expert-in-residence with Mountain Tactical/Tikka Performance Center and it is his voice many of our fellow gun lovers talk the talk with. One of the primary faces of Tikka Performance currently sports a beard and it’s a perfect fit!


Brooke Wimer ~Shipping and Orders

Brooke_Wimer_Bio_Pic Born and raised in Idaho, Brooke Wimer grew up spending weekends camping, four-wheeling, and hunting with her family. As a child she would avoid coming in for dinner and bedtime by climbing to the topmost branches of the large sycamore tree in her family’s backyard.  And although she no longer has parents calling her in for her bedtime, she finds that she has retained this mindset and still spends every second she can outside.

Brooke moved to Bozeman, Montana two years ago to attend Montana State University and has found it to be a great fit for her all around.  Not only is she enjoying her classes – she is studying English in hopes of teaching at the high school level – but she has also found Bozeman to be a fantastic place to pursue her hobbies.  If not in class, she is sure to be found somewhere in the surrounding mountains: fly-fishing, rock climbing, hunting, or backpacking.  Brooke’s heart lies in the wilderness. She also enjoys writing short stories, doing photography, and raising her many pets (2 dogs, some fish, and a variety of quail).

She is excited to be a part of the Tikka Performance Center team and help in bringing two staples of life – fun & guns – to people all around the globe.


Kelly Hostetter ~Administrative Assistant

kelly bio pic Hailing from Central Wyoming, Kelly Hostetter is a true child of the West where she was raised up by generations of work-hard homesteaders with a love for the land and its provision. So, naturally, Kelly grew up an all-outside-all-the-time girl, playing matchbox cars and Cowboys and Indians with the boys, turning bails for the family farm, hunting blackbird chicks in the hay fields, catching minnows in the canals, taming wild cats, and digging up anthills in the desert in search of the queen. If she couldn’t be a world-famous singer (which she is still working on in her spare time), Kelly was determined she would be an entomologist (so long as the job entailed jungles, butterfly nets, and beetles), and she invested a lot of time investigating the local creepy-crawlies.

Today, Kelly is the mother of a new generation of native Westerners (she and her husband have four teenagers) and her love for the West and loyalty to that heritage fuels inspiration for her singing/songwriting as well her collaboration with the Tikka Performance Center team where the fundamentals of a unique way of life are maintained and celebrated. Living on a farm just outside of Bozeman, Montana is just gravy to an already great life.